SAP Mobile Platform, Exprivia style: integrating mobile solutions with cloud platforms.

Enterprise Mobility according to Exprivia and SAP.
The Mobile Application Development Platform that allows secure access to corporate content on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
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Nowadays companies must increasingly manage critical activities and undertake decision-making processes in real-time. The goal is to be able to manage business at any time and in any place, with the utmost security. Correctly approaching Enterprise Mobility not only requires having devices (smartphones, tablets) that make it possible to interact with business systems, but also specially designed and implemented mobile applications (apps). Optimal User Experience makes it possible to accelerate the digital transformation process in order to grasp the new business opportunities offered by the global market. SAP makes these technologies available by combining the effectiveness of mobile solutions and cloud platforms.

The Exprivia proposal

The combination of SAP solutions and Exprivia skills makes it possible to exploit business scenarios on the move in all company areas (Human Resources, Asset Management, Sourcing and Procurement, Sales, etc.), obtaining multiple benefits:

  • working at times and in places which are not bound to the physical company headquarters
  • manage company information securely
  • use apps regardless of the mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • manage the entire life cycle of apps, from the design phase to their deployment on devices

In collaboration with its customers, Exprivia designs and creates mobile apps using the market solutions provided by SAP for Enterprise Mobility.

Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)
Based on industry-leader technology, the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is a platform for quickly and easily developing mobile applications which give users secure access to diverse company content across a range of iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Devices and apps can be managed in complete security with SAP mobile Secure. The cloud-based solution provides a product tool for Mobile Device Management (MDM), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Mobile Application Management (MAM).

Enterprise Mobile Apps
Exprivia supports its customers in the implementation of their business applications based on best practices in total mobility through the SAP Fiori solution, combining the features available on the SAP Mobile Platform, SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and SAP Mobile Secure.