Roberto Medri

Head of DF Defence & Aerospace

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Scarica Bio

Born in Rome in 1954, Roberto Medri graduated in Mathematics from the La Sapienza university in Rome.

In 1978, at Telespazio, then part of the STET group, he looked after the development of software for analysing and processing digital images, and took part in the development of Europe’s first satellite data reception station for Earth Observation.

In 1981, he moved to Advanced Computer Systems ACS, a company specialised in processing Earth Observation data . He worked as Project Manager in many projects for delivering satellite data reception and processing systems to 25 countries.

In 1996, he took over as manager of the Earth Observation Division of ACS.

In 2004, he became CEO of the company which operates as System Integrator of applied civil and military systems for leading European Space and Environment Agencies.

Sole Director of ACS since 2016 until the acquisition and merger of the company in Exprivia.