Complete Management
and Real-Time Analytics

Exprivia and SAP S/4HANA for the Retail sector
Complete Retail Management with the SAP and Exprivia software platform.
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Companies operating in the Retail sector find themselves in a strongly customer-driven market characterised by manual processes, large volumes of data and the impossibility to adapt to customer preferences that lead to delayed decisions, low productivity and errors, with long times for data analysis and a high percentage of data inaccuracy.
The challenge these companies face is therefore twofold: on the one hand optimising business processes, on the other hand managing the complexity deriving from the underlying IT processes.

The Exprivia approach

This complexity can still offer great advantages if managed with ad hoc solutions.
The Exprivia response is the integration of SAP S/4HANA for Retail: the real-time platform that simplifies business management, increases user productivity and reduces the IT Total Cost of Ownership.

The Benefits

Adopting this solution provides retail companies with the best tool for rationalising and managing all their processes easily and economically.
In fact, its correct integration makes it possible to:

  • take advantage of customer insight, predictive analysis and optimisation to create customer-centric and profitable product assortments, thereby allowing greater revenue growth;
  • manage an error-free, fast and simple billing process thanks to the integration with Ariba Network, guaranteeing automatically managed payments and invoices;
  • create demand forecasts and provide real-time answers to granular demand and supply variations across the entire supply network, with a reduction in unplanned downtime;
  • take advantage of real-time analytics to immediately decide how to carry out targeted customer engagement and customise offers, with a considerable reduction in stock days.