Enhancing agri-food with Exprivia: the real-time SAP S/4HANA platform for Consumer Food Products.

Exprivia and SAP S/4HANA for the Food sector
SAP S/4HANA: Sustainable Innovation in Purchasing, Agile Manufacturing and Real-Time Supply Chain Management.
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In recent years the Agri-food sector has been forced to face new challenges, including those related to Information Technology: the aim is enhancing the knowledge system of available data along the entire supply chain in order to innovate and exploit it for managerial and analytical purposes.
This challenge unfolds throughout the Food sector's business processes: from Sustainable Innovation to Purchasing, from Agile Manufacturing to Real-Time Supply Chain, up to Sales & Marketing. Within this process, IT must face problems relating to out-of-date data, low productivity, scattered information and duplicated data.

The Exprivia approach

Exprivia's answer is the integration of SAP S/4HANA for Consumer Food Products: the real-time platform that simplifies business management, increases user productivity and reduces IT total cost of ownership.
While supporting its customers in this process of evolution, Exprivia helps them achieve their business objectives aimed at reducing Time to Market and Order Lead Times, as well as the abatement of unplanned downtimes and stock days and an increase in the percentage of promotions that achieve the objectives.

The peculiar benefits for Italian food sector
  • Agent Commissions Management;
  • Shipping Management;
  • Quality Control;
  • Italian farming information system (SIAN) Management;
  • Agreement and Award Management;
  • Sales Order Management;
  • Certification Management;
  • Electronic Document Interchange;
  • Large-Scale Retail Contracts;
  • Production Planning;
  • Accounting and Management Control;
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Event Management;
  • Packaging Management;
  • Certification Management;
  • Mobile App;
  • Campaign Management;
  • Purchasing Management;
  • Warehouse Logistics;
  • Traceability.