Companies build their future through the digital transformation

Industry 4.0, the smart revolution

Smart Manufacturing, digital innovation in industrial processes.
Digital and automated solutions for managing huge quantities of data that affect business, in a simple, rational and efficient way.
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The recent research projects foreshadow a radical change in business scenarios: the fourth industrial revolution is in progress and will soon bring fully controlled, interconnected and automated production processes through the evolution of technology.

The expression "Industry 4.0", used for the first time at the Hanover Fair in 2011, defines this change in a panorama that is still evolving but already has precise development guidelines.

The four pillars of this transformation constitute the core of Exprivia's know-how and skills:

  • use of data and connectivity (big data, open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing); 
  • analytics and machine learning; 
  • man/machine interaction (touch interfaces and augmented reality); 
  • digital/real interaction (additive manufacturing, robotic control, machine-to-machine interactions, storage of energy from various sources). 

The impact of this transformation will be colossal, like that of the previous industrial revolutions brought over the centuries by steam, electricity, oil and computers and will only be quantifiable in the future. In the mean time, however, the clouding technologies are already influencing the work dynamics, which are evolving extremely rapidly. Every business must therefore introduce digital innovation in its industrial processes to gain the benefits of Smart Manufacturing.

Exprivia has taken this extraordinary opportunity by strengthening the entire industrial process with its digital solutions and automating the management of huge quantities of information in a simple, rational and efficient way, thus converting it into a strong presence on the market. This is the natural evolution of the vertical offer that Exprivia develops on the various industrial markets.

Production and management of the distribution chain (manufacturing and supply chain)

The new tools for tackling competition and the market, respecting standards, winning customer loyalty and safeguarding profits must also be simple to manage, refined but flexible, detailed but scalable.

This was the aim in developing the Exprivia management solution, which streamlines internal processes, by integrating the ERP platforms with the SedApta suite, and thus supports companies in:

  • managing the demand; 
  • planning production through advanced simulation models; 
  • optimizing the production cycles; 
  • optimizing the transport, logistical process and supply allocation management phases, through the simulation of the possible scenarios.

The Exprivia solution connects the times and methods of production with those of distribution in a quicker and more functional way, simplifying and improving the entire process with interesting economies of scale, through a technology that rationalizes the best practices of the sector.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES): responses in real time

The Manufacturing segment is increasingly interested in adopting MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) standard platforms for the control of factory information systems and their integration with ERP management systems, with the aim of homogenizing production processes and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

For this reason, through its MES competence centre, Exprivia has broadened and integrated its offer for the industrial market, focusing on solutions and services for the Management and Technology sectors with MES solutions.

Due also to the long experience of the managers and their MES specialists, Exprivia is the ideal technological partner for developing and implementing solutions for digital manufacturing, supplying systems for full management of the ISA-95 standard based on the Siemens SIMATIC IT suite, through which it has collaborated for several years in national and international projects for leading industrial companies in the automotive, food, aerospace and tobacco sectors

Retail/fashion: all the business minute by minute.

The companies that operate in the Fashion and Retail sectors find themselves in a rapidly-changing environment, full of opportunities and difficulties. Suppliers located worlds apart, contractors and craft workshops, globalized customers, parcelled deliveries, electronic payments, deseasonalization, purchasing on sales: a new degree of complexity that may offer major advantages, if managed with ad hoc solutions. 

The Exprivia response is the integration of the SAP FMS (Fashion Management System) vertical platform with the SedApta suite. The new system offers maximum support to companies in the following areas:

  • supply management in the demand scenarios (preseason and inseason); 
  • purchase and sale targets for each individual point of sale; 
  • assortments at points of sale and supplier orders; 
  • management of reforecasts and short/medium-term replenishment; 
  • organization of the shop delivery plan. 

Companies operating in the Fashion and Retail segments thus have the best possible tool for rationalizing and managing all processes simply and economically in an end-to-end system.