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RIS PACS for private healthcare
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The case of the Villa Maria Care & Research Group is an example of the choice of digital technology with no compromise to which Exprivia responded by providing easy to handle, innovative solutions.

A big Group with big objectives
The Villa Maria Group, an Italian holding company that operates principally in the healthcare sector, distinguishes itself for its offer of High Specialization and Quality services and its strict partner selection criteria. GVM asked Exprivia to provide digital management of all the clinical activities of the entire group and a large part of the outpatient, surgical and hospitalization activities. Today, the Group uses the Exprivia e4cure RIS/PACS system (Diagnostic radiology) and the eRepository and eArchive systems (filing and publication of reports and images) with great success.

Digital is easy
The centre of the system is a redundant central archive in which both the images produced by the local sites (short-term) and the images coming from clinics across the country and relating to the central site (long-term) are stored. The Exprivia system for GVM consists of a platform for the computerized management of all clinical activities, integrated with the centralized booking centre and the Repository. The environment is complete with the eWard electronic health record, diagnostic service request management (Order Entry eRequest), availability of the documentary sources, two health record specializations (Heart Surgery and LongLife), report and image access service for patients and general practitioners and the possibility of activating an eLearning platform for the continuing education of doctors and nurses.

Technology and guarantee
The system as a whole guarantees Business Continuity and Business Performance through the redundancy of archives and technological systems, Disaster Recovery, connectivity, configurability and flexibility. Other characteristics are the use of a uniform application in diagnostic imaging and the international projection of the project.

Objective reached
Through the operation of the RIS PACS digital system, the Villa Maria Group has already recorded a reduction in its costs, an increase in the efficiency of the service and an improvement of the service provided. In the future, the benefits obtained are likely to be even greater.

The future today
The path undertaken by the GVM group leads to the complete digitization of all facilities through further developments in the documentation and automation processes of all the departments of the Group, with the complete operation of the entire e4cure suite and full integration with the company’s MPI.