Zero paper, zero film and 2,000,000 services a year

RIS PACS system
Total digitization of paperless and filmless flows
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The case of the ULSS 17 local health unit of Monselice is an example of innovation in progress. The health authority – four hospitals with 409 ordinary beds and 50 day beds, 350 reporting doctors and 375,000 diagnostic services a year – has projected its approach towards digitization in time.

Becoming digital
Exprivia performed its first operation in 2000 by starting up the RIS PACS system and completed the digitization of the facility in 2011. Right from its very first approach to technology, ULSS 17 obtained a significant cost reduction. The broadening of the system to Exprivia products gave the benefits of using a single interface, such as making staff training extremely easy.

The present future: lower costs, higher efficiency
ULSS 17 has now digitized nearly all its information flows and is moving towards a completely paperless and filmless solution.