IoT and Smart Factory.

Industry 4.0

The expression Industry 4.0, used for the first time in Germany in 2011, gives a good idea of the transformation centred on the use of data and digital technologies for connecting, innovating and governing the entire value chain.

Everything is connected
By the year 2020, 20 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and the fields of interaction will increasingly include industrial production processes, logistics, infomobility, energy efficiency, remote maintenance and environmental protection. IoT is therefore potentially capable of having a positive effect on the very idea of business, work, study, health and life.
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Focusing on these prospects, Exprivia has undertaken a series of projects that concern home automation, robotics, avionics, biomedical devices, monitoring in industry, telemetry, wireless networks of sensors, supervision, detection of adverse events and environments and concepts of daily life.

The Smart Factory designed by Exprivia is:


  • Lower consumption of energy and materials 
  • Optimization of the production cycles, new materials, new processes and new workstations 
  • Smart working and smart customization solutions


  • Stronger on the market through distributed production (flexible, modular, rapid in changes) 
  • Integrated by the design to delivery of the products, from the single factory to distributed factories, all guided by the demand 
  • Connected with the retail trade and the support network 

Human centered

  • Human-oriented interfaces: use of simulation environments and augmented reality applications 
  • Productive collaboration environments: enterprise resource management platforms
  • Management of knowledge, valuation of resources and talent