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One of the leading companies on the international market of professional catering equipment has chosen Exprivia to set up its spare parts warehouse.

The company found a critical problem with the logistical process and decided to adopt the following three fundamental strategies:

  • improve its after-sales support in the spare parts and technical support sector; 
  • increase its spare parts business by developing the dealer network; 
  • integrate different service management modes in a multibrand setting. 

This entailed involving the Operation Parts, Customer Service, Sales and Controlling areas for which a dedicated purchasing team was set up. The team was given a new strategy and new spare part management Technologies.

The new model for the Operation Parts has a new, centrally managed warehouse with a new planning and purchasing team given a new spare part management strategy and technology based on modern IT tools such as: warehouse management systems, loans and lines of credit management tools, interfacing of SAP with courier systems for generating consignment notes and Alerts.

The new warehouse management system provides VSM flow mapping and data collection, definition of order and material flows, sizing and design, choice of locations and tools, negotiation and purchase of facilities, creation of the logistics team, development and testing of IT tools, implementation phase for removals guided by the WMS, and measurement of the service level (logistics KPIs).

The new warehouse strategy includes creation and analysis of data, calculation of the parameters ROP, SS, EOQ, personalization of trend and forecast analyses, policy dashboard and simulation.

The new purchasing team works on the planning and maintenance of MRP parameters, purchase of materials and services through dedicated suppliers, negotiation of Parts needs with suppliers, management and maintenance of the Parts database, expediting and follow-up of orders, processing and monitoring of KPIs for sourcing.

The Customer's requests entailed designing a SAP-based system that reorganizes the process as follows: 

  • order divided by the warehouse areas; 
  • possibility of management with three levels of priority: Urgent, Standard and Stock;
  • active mapping of the warehouse by size and rotation index of the single code;
  • monitoring of workloads by the area with flexible use of resources (web monitor); 
  • traced and mapped process of each individual phase;
  • possibility of guided, periodic reorganization of locations;
  • rotary action procedures. 

The Exprivia SAP WMS solution thus rationalizes the following phases:

      1) Goods reception 
    • entry;
    • acceptance by the warehouse area;
    • labelling;
    • location missions by the area with optimized routes.
      2) ) Production orders
    • scheduling in SAP;
    • optimized pick missions;
    • KIT management;
    • deposit and location of the assembly.
      3) Picking 
    • missions by the single warehouse area;
    • trolleys with maximum number of deliveries;
    • routes optimized in the various areas;
    • guided grouping with complete on-line alert.

    The system has rationalized the costs and size of the spare parts sector, improved relations with dealers and end users, allowing the business to be expanded, and accelerated the entire Parts area process. In addition, the basis has been laid for improvements such as alignment of multi-area picking to complete the deliveries, active cross docking upon entry of the production orders, bypass of grouping for single references or a single warehouse, integration of packaging management with automated unloading and sorting and single order item tracing of the brands of every spare part for monitoring and boosting purposes.