ANAS intranet

A new model
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An intranet system
like a webmagazine
The new easy-to-use, light, interesting and useful intranet
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The concept of a company network was originally a private IT network for work, but in the more modern sense it can be understood as the system of generally useful information and services accessible by all parts of the company, surpassing its merely technological aspects to become an important tool for the governance of company mechanisms. The Exprivia project for ANAS’s new intranet system takes the lead from a webmagazine concept: the new intranet is designed to be easy to use, light, interesting and useful, almost like the newspaper that employees read every morning to learn about news concerning the company, obtain information about their relationship with ANAS and access work tools.

The project’s interface is structured on 2 logical levels. The first level is organised like the first page of a magazine, with the main information and an organisation that follows a chronological flow. The second level relates to two possible interactions with the company: professional or employee. Therefore, "Tools" will be made available for the professional and "Services" for the employee.

The intranet pages follow two parallel types. The first model follows the concept of an "archive" for linear content (for example, service orders), where a repository of files arranged in chronological order is needed along with a search functionality using different filters depending on content type. The second model follows a "News" model concept for information enhanced by images or downloads. Tags allow for the rapid composition of pages.

Telephone directory
The telephone directory page is actually a full company organisational chart which presents information regarding the employee searched for (with a list of any people with the same name) accompanied by photo, position in the company, name of direct manager and any co-workers, with a link to these people as well.

The intranet Content Management System is structured with diversified authorisation levels, including the Administrator, who has full governance over the intranet, the Publisher, who creates content and authorises publication by others, the Editor, who creates and authorises only certain pages, and the Author, who creates content but cannot publish it.