A growing region

The Puglia Digitale 2.0 project is a strategy that is always evolving
A technological model that evolves to meet user requirements. Rather than a closed system, a global project born from the real needs of businesses, residents and the community.
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A region is not only a geographical distinction: it is an economic, cultural and social fabric to be looked at as a modern community in constant evolution, in which businesses, the public administration and the individual user can benefit from advantages while working towards the shared goal of growth.

Software is no longer a standard product delivered to a user which potentially does too much or too little. Now it is a series of possibilities from which users select the services they need. This strengthens the digitally-oriented cultural/economic model, as the advantage for users is so considerable that their propensity towards using technology will only increase in proportion.

The Puglia Digitale 2.0 project aims to transform existing software, catalogue business macro-components and offer new solutions such as software as a service (SaaS) via the web using cloud computing.

The steps of this project include spreading SaaS know-how, defining business models, defining an SaaS architecture dedicated to the region, building a shared SaaS platform by shifting traditional software into the SaaS paradigm and cataloguing SaaS business areas, such as:

  • PAL objects (eGovernment Open Data);
  • mobility services;
  • Ambient Assisted Living;
  • services for tourism and cultural enjoyment;
  • services for green energy management.
Puglia@Service. Anticipating user needs

The Puglia Digitale project is closely connected with the Puglia@Service project, based on the concept of "living labs", in which development guidelines are dictated by the concrete analysis of uses by the customer. We are therefore in the field of the Science of Services, which will revolutionise traditional local development models and give end users a central role which anticipates their engagement. The result is Internet-based service engineering, which seeks out scientific analysis methods for the design, production and provision of innovative services. One of the significant objectives of the Puglia@Service project is the verticalisation of digital marketing and mobile e-commerce services on the VINCENTE platform.

VINCENTE, business and the community

oday, Erasmus of Rotterdam probably would have written "The praise of the market". The collective intelligence of businesses, with their contribution provided through the electronic market, is the ideal tool for a business that is attentive to sustainability and market risks.

The VINCENTE research project is intended to create a methodological platform of services for the creation of sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystems based on techniques, instruments and services that support the development of skills and the leveraging of knowledge present in social networks which can be used to support problem resolution and strategic decision-making. The project will create an infrastructure that integrates dissimilar and different sources of information (internal and external, open and closed, structured and not) and semantic content management. VINCENTE is meant to support local companies with a complete range of artificial intelligence services to develop competitiveness and market presence, such as Business Intelligence (Visual Analytics) and Market Analysis (Opinion Mining, Competitive Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis).