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5G for business: Exprivia is Cradlepoint's new partner

Together with Cradlepoint, Exprivia can manage customised company applications by connecting people, places and objects through LTE and 5G mobile phone networks.

Accelerating digital transformation in companies and public administration by developing 5G applications: this is the goal of the partnership between Exprivia and Cradlepoint, the American company specialised in wireless edge solutions for LTE and 5G networks.

With evergrowing volumes of data traffic, countless devices connected to the network and an increasingly hybrid workplace for managing resources remotely, Cradlepoint's wireless edge and edge computing technologies mean people, objects and places can be connected using 5G mobile phone networks even in businesses.

This enables Exprivia to expand their offer of highly customised business applications that integrate 5G networks with different sectors, from telecommunications to healthcare, from the automotive industry to manufacturing, and continuing on to logistics, public administration, insurance and banking. Plus, with Exprivia's own system integrator expertise, these solutions can be made particularly simple and user-friendly, remotely managing and configuring devices (Zero Touch Provisioning and Fully Managed approach).

The new alliance forms part of the ICT group's Open Innovation strategies and reinforces what is an increasingly integrated approach between network architectures, big data, applications, clouds, artificial intelligence and security.

"The partnership with Cradlepoint bolsters Exprivia's goal of integrating telecommunications with Information Technology solutions, contributing towards closing the digital divide in companies and public administrations," commented Francesco Cardinale, Market Innovation Unit Telco & Media manager for Exprivia. "With Cradlepoint's wireless edge solutions, we can offer ‘mission critical’ business applications that can rely on a high speed, reliable and secure connection typical of 5G networks. It is an innovative approach, suitable for market demands both in terms of technology and also consumption business models, the now typical cloud paradigm”.

"The adoption of new technologies is the key to progress and now even more central than before to business growth," explains Lorenzo Ruggiero, Area Director Southern Europe, for Cradlepoint. "The partnership with Exprivia will concretely show how 5G wireless network solutions can play an important role in the development of our country over the coming months. We are pleased to make this journey with Exprivia”.