The Supply Chain Finance Observatory presents its 2019/2020 research at the final conference
17 April 2020 - 09:30/12:30, live streaming

17 April 2020

The 2019/2020 research aimed at measuring the continually evolving SCF market will be presented by the Supply Chain Finance Observatory of the Milan School of Management during the live-streamed conference on 17 April. Exprivia is an official sponsor of the event where technology plays an essential role in the ongoing evolution: the requirement to offer electronic billing has brought significant advantages to solutions that benefit from the digitalisation of processes, and artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly key to supporting the process to select and adopt solutions.

Moreover, blockchains have been adopted in the national and international Supply Chain Finance sector for the first time. The topic of Risk Management will also be explored in light of the changes to legislation, while different organisational approaches aimed at supporting the adoption of these solutions and the newly emerging managerial and professional roles will be discussed.

To register for the conference: www.osservatori.net/it_it/supply-chain-finance-level-up