ECSM - European Cyber Security Month 2021
1-31 October 2021

01 October 2021

European Cybersecurity Month, ECSM, is the EU's annual campaign dedicated to promoting CyberSecurity among citizens and organisations, and providing up-to-date information on online security by raising awareness and sharing good practices. Every year, throughout October, hundreds of activities take place across Europe, including conferences, workshops, training courses, webinars, presentations and more, to promote digital security and cyber health.

The ECSM campaign is coordinated by the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) and the European Commission, and supported by EU Member States and hundreds of partners (governments, universities, think tanks, NGOs, professional associations, private sector companies) from Europe and beyond.

Exprivia joins the initiative as Italian Partner of the ECSM, headed by Domenico Raguseo, Head of Cybersecurity Unit Exprivia, organising activities such as training courses, events and more.

Programme and details of the campaign are published on https://cybersecuritymonth.eu