Apulia CyberSecurity Forum
03-04-05 november 2020 –10:00am CET, online event in Italian language

03 November 2020

We often think of software and hardware when it comes to vulnerability, but the human element is the vulnerability that is most often used by attackers.

During the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM), the name under which the European Union, every October, promotes awareness of threats and security culture among citizens, Exprivia participates in the campaign organizing the Apulia CyberSecurity Forum, putting the human factor and its training at the centre of its event.

During these three days Exprivia presents the experiences of specialists that debate security as an intrinsic value, regulations, IoT and AI and illustrates its CyberSecurity Observatory Report. In addition, all participants will be certified by CyberSecurity Fundamentals, after an examination conducted on the second day of event, with the issue of a certificate of certification and participation on an open badges platform as proof of the training.

For information and registration for the event, please consult the following link (italian version): https://bit.ly/37hFnKb