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The world of credit and finance is a complex one that arouses enthusiasm and fascination; however, it is not without its risks. Therefore, it is vital for every institution working within a rapidly evolving sector to have a partner like Exprivia to rely on for IT support.
Technology and financial technique, the binomial of the future
From risk governance to data leveraging, from clouding to BYOD, from information security to nearshoring services, digital transformation works alongside the evolution of the credit and financial system
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Competence, Consulting, Know-how

With our long-term experience, we can support our customers with customised services and solutions designed to always keep pace with the unique needs of this market.

Exprivia’s in-depth knowledge of typical market processes, combined with its solid technical skill and experience working with innovative technology suppliers and market leaders make it the ideal partner to promptly meet the evolving needs of customers.

Exprivia’s solutions cover the following areas:


Systems, infrastructure and security: design, services and solutions
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
Risk governance is a crucial aspect for credit and financial enterprises. The GRC solution offered by Exprivia has been perfected with the most important Italian banks and is capable of monitoring, identifying and evaluating legal and financial risks as well as identifying the best ways to respond to them. Particular attention has been dedicated to the adoption of a consolidated methodology and a process that traces every single detail.
Big Data: from "noise" to "value"
The quantity of data generated inside companies or which can be gathered externally from a range of sources for business use has by now reached enormous dimensions and, indeed, is continuously expanding. Drawing "value" from data is a challenge, but it also represents a necessity and an amazing opportunity. Big Data solutions make it possible to analyse this vast quantity of heterogeneous, often unstructured, data, but effective instruments are needed in order to select, gather and analyse this information to support strategic business decisions. Exprivia has long-term experience in this area, also through its experience as a partner to top domestic and foreign university groups and important research organisations in academic and industrial research projects.
IT Tools & Outsourcing Services
Based on its experience in the field, Exprivia has created a series of software solutions to support its activities of managing and running IT services, including:
  • Service Management Tool, an open source solution for the remote monitoring and management of IT infrastructure with active technical intervention;
  • Help Desk Tracking, a trouble ticketing solution that manages the entire process of responding to help requests. It also has tools to catalogue and effectively search for information and to define and verify service levels (SLA).
Video Conferencing
Exprivia provides consulting, design and implementation services for integrated videocommunications and videodistribution solutions.
Cloud, BYOD and Virtualisation
Within the process of shifting to Cloud architecture, Exprivia begins with server, storage and desktop virtualisation and consolidation solutions and projects to prepare a "transformation map" that will optimise the approach to the design, maintenance and management of the "Private Cloud" and the integration of the different services.
IT Technical Consulting and Support Services
Exprivia also provides system administration services such as: system installation, patching and upgrading, rolling out application solutions, system migration projects, networking and storage architectural design, definition and implementation of backup and restore procedures, running of systems, monitoring and performance tuning.
Digital and total security
Protecting digital information assets means making them CyberResilient: this requires adequate processes and technologies in light of the global context in which companies operate, alongside constant monitoring of the evolution of internal and external threats as well as of new market regulations. Exprivia provides complete security coverage through processes, skills, infrastructures and technologies with a very high conceptual and technological content. Over the years, Exprivia has developed skills in all the main CyberSecurity contexts; in particular, we have gained significant experience in the management of privileged and non-privileged identities; we have acquired the highest level of skills to support the implementation and management of SIEM systems and security analysis; we have developed skills, partnerships and experiences in Secure Coding, DevSecOps, Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation. In addition Exprivia supports large organizations in achieving compliance with sector and general regulations, such as SWIFT CSP and GDPR.
On-premises and nearshoring: measurable and accessible
High-profile integrated systems are the product of very wide-ranging and specialised skills. However, their use is becoming increasingly immediate and accessible: Exprivia works alongside its customers throughout the process life cycle up to the management of environments, and ensures 24/7 services with measurable quality on-premise and based on a nearshoring model.

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