Copernicus: The earth observation programme
Exprivia | Italtel and Copernicus for Earth Observation and Monitoring
We developed components of the Copernicus Earth Observation Programme: Sentinel-1/2/3/6 and Cosmo-SkyMed
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Copernicus is the world’s largest single Earth Observation Programme and is coordinated by the EC in partnership with ESA. It comprises many Earth Observation missions: the Sentinel satellites and the contributing missions (European and from single Member States).

Exprivia | Italtel contributes to the implementation of the stations that receive, process and distribute Copernicus data, the Payload Data Ground Segments.

Exprivia | Italtel developed the following components of the Copernicus Programme:

Sentinel missions
  • Sentinel-1 Core Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) implementation
  • Sentinel-2 Core PDGS implementation
  • Sentinel-3 Core PDGS implementation
  • S-2 Simplified Level 2 Product Prototype Processor (SL2P)
  • S-3 Geometric Calibration Tool for In Orbit Performances Verification (S3GeoCal)
  • User Services Next Generation (USNG)
  • Sentinel-2 Ground Prototype Processor (GPP)
  • Sentinel 1-2-3 Demodulator and Front End Processing System (DFEP)
Cosmo – SkyMed (contributing mission of ASI – Italian Space Agency)
  • Cosmo – SkyMed SAR Processors and ACQ S/S Maintenance (2013-2018)
  • Cosmo – SkyMed SAR Processors and ACQ S/S
  • CNM (Italian Multimission Centre at Matera)

Exprivia | Italtel roles in the Copernicus Programme
During development phase Exprivia | Italtel, within large industrial European consortia, played key roles in the following areas of Copernicus Ground Segments:

  • overall design and technical coordination,
  • system level architecture and interfaces definition,
  • specific SW components design and development,
  • support for on-site deployment,
  • test data generation and interface simulators,
  • integration, validation and qualification activities in the operational centres

Beyond development of Copernicus systems Exprivia | Italtel is involved in Operations & Maintenance contracts.

Exprivia | Italtel has been already awarded Operations & Maintenance sub-contracts for Sentinel 1 PDGS, Sentinel 3 PDGS Land, Marine, and MPC centres. Exprivia | Italtel is providing maintenance and engineering support services for Sentinel 2 PDGS and is chasing the business opportunity for Sentinel 2 PDGS Operations & Maintenance contract.

For further details on Copernicus missions http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Copernicus

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