Copernicus: The earth observation programme

Exprivia and Copernicus for Earth Observation and Monitoring
We developed components of the Copernicus Earth Observation Programme: Sentinel-1/2/3/6 and Cosmo-SkyMed
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Copernicus is the world’s largest single Earth Observation Programme and is coordinated by the EC in partnership with ESA. It comprises many Earth Observation missions: the Sentinel satellites and the contributing missions (European and from single Member States).

Exprivia contributes to the implementation of the stations that receive, process and distribute Copernicus data, the Payload Data Ground Segments.

Exprivia developed the following components of the Copernicus Programme:

Sentinel missions
  • Sentinel-1 Core Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) implementation
  • Sentinel-2 Core PDGS implementation
  • Sentinel-3 Core PDGS implementation
  • S-2 Simplified Level 2 Product Prototype Processor (SL2P)
  • S-3 Geometric Calibration Tool for In Orbit Performances Verification (S3GeoCal)
  • User Services Next Generation (USNG)
  • Sentinel-2 Ground Prototype Processor (GPP)
  • Sentinel 1-2-3 Demodulator and Front End Processing System (DFEP)
Cosmo – SkyMed (contributing mission of ASI – Italian Space Agency)
  • Cosmo – SkyMed SAR Processors and ACQ S/S Maintenance (2013-2018)
  • Cosmo – SkyMed SAR Processors and ACQ S/S
  • CNM (Italian Multimission Centre at Matera)

Exprivia roles in the Copernicus Programme
During development phase Exprivia | Italtel, within large industrial European consortia, played key roles in the following areas of Copernicus Ground Segments:

  • overall design and technical coordination,
  • system level architecture and interfaces definition,
  • specific SW components design and development,
  • support for on-site deployment,
  • test data generation and interface simulators,
  • integration, validation and qualification activities in the operational centres

Beyond development of Copernicus systems Exprivia is involved in Operations & Maintenance contracts.

Exprivia has been already awarded Operations & Maintenance sub-contracts for Sentinel 1 PDGS, Sentinel 3 PDGS Land, Marine, and MPC centres. Exprivia is providing maintenance and engineering support services for Sentinel 2 PDGS and is chasing the business opportunity for Sentinel 2 PDGS Operations & Maintenance contract.

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