Visualising the Earth of the future

A solution planned on a cloud-based technology that enables visualization, monitoring and storage of data in real time through interactions with a "digital twin" of Earth

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Press releases Exprivia’ board of Directors approves 2022 Annual Financial report
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Media Coverage The cybersecurity of hospitals in Spain under examination: the necessary measures have not yet been taken
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Cybercrime, in Italy 70% of attacks aimed at data theft
QuestIT, Exprivia Group's Artificial Intelligence shines
Exprivia Group’s commitment to fairness and Integrity
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Telemedicine services arrive in open banking

Banca Popolare of Sondrio, in conjunction with Exprivia and AreaMedical24, is expanding its services with a smart and effective approach to customer health

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The Region of Campania has adopted SIAC.
A single Administrative Accounting Information System based on the SAP ERP platform
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The Theras Group overcomes critical issues affecting the health sector thanks to SAP S/4HANA
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Artificial Intelligence - Digital Transformation BPPB improves processes and services, from the back office to the front office

To interpret the Bank's vision in terms of business scenarios

Artificial Intelligence We have a natural talent for applying Artificial Intelligence to your processes

Technologies are ready to meet the computational challenges thrown up by the evolution of AI. Now, companies need a project-driven approach that enables them to introduce Artificial Intelligence into their business processes

Digital Twin It has never been so easy for people working in the field

At a time when terms like smart cities, digitalisation and the ecological transition are at the heart of both public and private entity development and investment plans, the Digital Twin is being moulded for the benefit of business processes

2021 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure
Digital Transformation

The experts warn: the vision that makes it possible to seize advantages and opportunities that were not there yesterday is at the heart of Digital Transformation (DX). Design your company's DX Journey map, re-engineering processes and systems to become an intelligent, technologically harmonised, highly integrated enterprise, and above all, open to the continuous innovations that enhance hardware, software and security development. Exprivia will guide you through enabling technologies and the keys to a successful Digital Transformation. Below, you can read about projects successfully implemented with our customers.