Back-Office Smart Store
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The Back-Office has never been so Smart!
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Back-Office Smart Store Solution was created with the aim of optimising store operations and logistics processes for those activities grouped under the name Back-Office.
These activities are often delegated to the POS software, revealing a constant problem of stock misalignment and an internal issue with monitoring flows between this software and the SAP® ERP.

With Back-Office Smart Store Solution, developed on the SAP® Business Technology Platform (BTP), it will be possible to:

  • manage the entire logistics chain at the point of sale directly in SAP®;
  • have real-time visibility of logistics documents and inventories;
  • have multichannel (e.g. mobile and tablet) and multilingual (English, Spanish and French) accessibility;
  • have the counting suspension feature available;
  • benefit from the possibility of carrying out open shop inventories;
  • benefit from an intuitive and efficient graphic interface for shop users.