eLifeCare, telemedicine for the doctor-patient relationship

A platform for the constant management of the patient at home, reducing National Health Service costs, saving time for all health operators and improving the patient's quality of life.

The solution for the new Digital Healthcare
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The eLifeCare Telemedicine platform provides a set of solutions and services for Teleconsulting, Telecare and Telemonitoring to support all health operators involved in patient care and monitoring at home. It also optimises the activities and costs of the care protocol of the home patient, improving quality and offering an effective response to the demands of the new Digital Healthcare.

By reconciling the needs of the patient with those for cost containment of health authorities and hospitals, eLifeCare revolutionises the approach to the care of the home patient. It does so by providing services and technological infrastructure necessary for the complete and integrated management of care services, available and usable on tablets and smartphones.

Constant patient TeleMonitoring

The eLifeCare platform constantly monitors the patient's parameters (TeleMonitoring) through the App supplied to the patient that integrates medical devices and wearable technologies, making them available in an online medical record. Upon any worrying change in values, a 24/7 Medical Centre immediately intervenes with an alert signal and coordinates medical staff and specialists in the area. The ability to access the patient's online file and all their clinical documentation allows for targeted and effective intervention.


The connected medical devices monitor the parameters. The data, available via the App, is stored in a digital folder.

Remote Care Solutions: TeleVisit and TeleConsultation

You can receive specialist remote medical consultancy at any time via the eLifeCare platform.
The patient can use a direct home video connection to receive a TeleVisit and/or a written TeleConsultation from a specialist and to share the result in the relative online medical records, which can always be consulted easily and securely. This not only reduces waiting times for specialist examinations and patient travel costs but also ensures access to a quality healthcare service thanks to the possibility of rapid identification of the doctor specialising in the pathology concerned and cooperation between multiple specialists.


The platform enables a video connection with the specialist. The data is stored in a digital folder.

Telecare Service

eLifeCare also makes it possible to plan and coordinate nursing and home care activities remotely and simply and to tailor them to the patient's health needs by integrating the Individual Care Plans, drawn up by Local Health Authority or by the patient’s doctor. Upon authentication to the system, the home care assistant or provider can view the schedules assigned to them and carry out the home care practices effectively by consulting the patient's services, acquiring and sending the values through the eLifecare App and connected devices.


The platform allows the coordination of nursing and home care activities by integrating the Local Health Authorities’ Healthcare Plans.

eLifeCare: the solution for the new Digital Healthcare

The eLifeCare platform focuses on the patient, the quality of care and treatment, the needs of hospitals and healthcare companies. It provides a healthcare protocol based on the procedures of specialist remote medical advice (Tele-Visit and TeleConsulting), Telemonitoring and Telecare through the eLifeCare App, which allows you to manage ordinary and extraordinary healthcare in the local area.

Through the eLifeCare platform:

  • The 24/7 Medical Centre can constantly telemonitor the patient in chronic or fragile health and activate immediate assistance upon detection of out-of-threshold variation of clinical parameters
  • The patient can easily contact the specialists listed for their illness and request, according to need and at any time, remote specialist visits and consultations
  • Health operators and medical specialists can have access at any time to the patient's online medical records, modify therapies, make prescriptions and examinations, and draft reports, etc.
  • The activities of local area healthcare personnel can be coordinated and monitored through the platform, to which all the measurements carried out by home nurses at the patient's home are sent.

The eLifeCare CE software is a certified (93/42/EEC) Class I Medical Device. The complete list of certified model versions can be obtained by contacting Exprivia. eLifeCare is included in the e4Cure suite in the AGID catalogue of qualified SaaS services.