Digital Transformation at Calia Italy

More effective and centralized data management, enhancing visibility and accessibility to crucial information in real-time, and optimized business processes, reducing cycle times and increasing overall operational efficiency

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Calia Italia, a renowned brand in the world of comfort and design, was facing significant challenges related to the complexity of data and business processes. The growing volume of data and the dispersion of processes were compromising operational efficiency, questioning the company's ability to adapt to the changing market demands.

The Challenge

Fragmented data management and lack of integration among systems made it difficult to access crucial information for making informed decisions. Additionally, scattered business processes were slowing operations and increasing operational costs.

The Project

To address these challenges and position itself for sustainable growth, Calia Italia embarked on an ambitious digital transformation project, selecting SAP S/4HANA as a key solution. SAP S/4HANA offers an integrated and advanced platform for efficiently managing business data and optimizing processes.

In collaboration with Exprivia, technology expert consultants, Calia Italia initiated the implementation process of SAP S/4HANA. During this critical phase, several obstacles were tackled, including integrating existing legacy systems, data migration, and staff training.

Thanks to the expertise and joint commitment of Calia Italia, Exprivia, and SAP, the project was successfully completed, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform.

The Results

The adoption of SAP S/4HANA brought significant improvements in Calia Italia's operations. The new solution allowed for more effective and centralized data management, enhancing visibility and accessibility to crucial information in real-time. Business processes were optimized, reducing cycle times and increasing overall operational efficiency, as stated by Ezio Baratta, CIO Gruppo CALIA:

"The new SAP S/4HANA management system and the review of reporting and Data Warehouse processes have allowed us to manage transactional and analytical data more simply, to open up natively to the web and mobile to simplify or outsource some processes, to activate new SAP standard modules available only on SAP S/4HANA technology, to enable innovative features within the SAP management system, to enable a modern User-Experience. All this while overcoming the technological limitations of the systems present before migration."

The strategic partnership between Calia Italia, Exprivia, and SAP proved to be crucial in addressing the challenges of business management. Thanks to the digital transformation driven by SAP S/4HANA, Calia Italia is now well-positioned to continue thriving in the comfort and design sector, ensuring greater competitiveness and customer satisfaction.