Conversational agents of digital marketing in service of the tradition of the Mediterranean diet

Sviluppo di ALImenti FUNzionali - Development of Functional Food for the Innovation of Traditional Italian Food Products



Project Code ARS01_00783

The objective of the ALIFUN project is to develop, on an industrial scale, prototypes of functional foods in the main agri-food sectors typical of the Mediterranean diet (dairy, cereal, meat products, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, wine).

Functional foods are foods that, in addition to their basic nutritional properties, offer additional health benefits. These foods are rich in bioactive substances that can positively influence the body's physiological functions, contributing to overall well-being and disease prevention.

The development of functional foods will be pursued by characterizing the presence of bioactive components naturally present or added to the food, applying established chemical, agronomic, biotechnological, and microbiological methodologies, and developing new process technologies.

During the project, activities will also be carried out to prototype novel foods of interest to the health sector of the agri-food industry and to develop technological and innovative tools for digital marketing research.

The research will be conducted in close collaboration with the main companies in the area that focus on process and product innovation as a tool to improve competitiveness in national and international markets.

The project will be managed through a public-private partnership that will facilitate the advancement of knowledge in various scientific sectors aimed at transferring technological solutions for the innovation of typical Italian food products.

Exprivia will be responsible for developing innovative tools for digital marketing research through the use of conversational agents capable of capturing consumer behavior patterns and helping the Agrifood Industry identify market choices for product proposition.



Research Institutes

CNR – National Research Council

Anton Dohrne Zoological Station


Industrial Partners

Exprivia S.P.A

Caseificio Cirigliana S.R.L.

Ladisa S.R.L.

Alimenta S.R.L.

Valle Fiorita Catering S.R.L.

GMF Oliviero F.lli S.R.L.

Gerfrio S.R.L.

Industrie Fracchiolla S.P.A.

Eurolive S.R.L.