The project “Environment for Secure Operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems” (AcrOSS) proposes to contribute to the safe and efficient handling of the operations of small drones (sUAS) in low altitude airspace, controlled (airport-based) or otherwise, where traffic includes aircraft both with and without a pilot on board. The project will study and develop innovative technologies and capabilities, on the ground and on board the aircraft, for a clear view of the traffic conditions of sUAS and greater and more accurate handling of emergency situations due to dynamic restrictions of the airspace or unforeseeable events affecting the safety and efficacy of the operations.


Starting from the analysis of the regulatory framework for conducting and managing sUAS operations in the VLL airspace, the AcrOSS project will study and develop innovative technological solutions on the ground and on board the aircraft to obtain a clear picture of sUAS traffic and proper management of emergency situations.

The innovation proposed by the project concerns:

  • the UAS segment, to improve the situation awareness of the UAS operator, implementing a dynamic re-planning capability and automatic contingency manoeuvres, with the aim of ensuring the efficiency and safety of UAS flights;
  • the ability to manage low-altitude drones, to cover all flight phases of sUAS operations, from the strategic phase to the post-flight phase, in airport airspace and, more generally, within sensitive areas.

The sub-systems developed and appropriately integrated will be tested through flight campaigns to be carried out at the Taranto Grottaglie airport and through dedicated simulation campaigns.

Exprivia, which participates in the project by virtue of its expertise and experience in real-time design and development of software for mission critical systems and its extensive experience in the design and development of applications for air traffic control and management systems, will handle the implementation of the ground system defined as the “Simulation and Playback Investigation Platform”, which will allow the scheduled and synchronised acquisition of disparate data streams for the analysis phases, supporting simulation activities and performing recording and playback functions to reproduce, analyse and investigate real and simulated scenarios.

Directorial Decree no. 1735 of 13 July 2017, pertaining to the “Announcement for the submission of industrial research and experimental development projects in the 12 specialisation areas identified by the NRP 2015-2020”

Project Code ARS01_00702


  • University of Salento
  • Aeroporti di Puglia S.p.A.
  • TOPVIEW S.r.l.
  • Exprivia S.p.A.
  • University of Palermo