Master Italy implements SAP S/4HANA: introducing a digital solution that ensures rapid and accurate data

A monitoring system for integrated company processes

Digital Transformation in the sector of accessories for aluminium doors and windows

The implementation of the SAP S/4HANA management system integrated with MES and WMS field systems


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The project which involved Exprivia regards Digital Transformation starting from the implementation of the SAP S/4HANA management system integrated with the (MES and WMS) field systems to replace the existing application environment, with the goal of integrating and aggregating the data for a detailed analysis of the same with modern Business Intelligence tools.

The Customer
Master Italy SrL designs and manufactures accessories and components for aluminium doors and windows, with a process made up of research, investments, study of the culture of aluminium and attention to the quality of the materials as well as to the search for technologies capable of allowing for the production of high-performance goods, to identifying new market demands and to having a constantly satisfied customer.

Present in over 58 countries around the world, today the Master brand is a global brand, focused on: developing new international markets, attention to the safety and quality of its products, constant improvement and reduction of waste in line with the principles of lean manufacturing, implementation of the new automation model Industry 4.0 while keeping human capital central to strategic and production operations.

In this international context which involves company sales network interconnections, quality control, know-how and certifications, Master Italy has strongly felt the need to launch a Digital Transformation programme starting with the implementation of the SAP S/4HANA system and relative connections with MES and WMS.
The end-to-end project which involved Exprivia thus regards the redesign of the various different company fields, involving all stakeholders, in order to remodel their processes with the goal of exploiting to the full the functions offered by SAP S/4HANA.

To support the transformation programme requested by the customer, Exprivia has developed the project Smart solutions for global window systems - Designed and Made in Italy 4.0.
In developing the project, the industry's characteristic SAP S/4HANA processes were exploited to the full, such as Financials and Management Accounting, Purchase to Pay, Forecast To Stock, Production & Planning, Warehouse Management/Stock Transfer, processing and distribution, Material Ledger for precise analysis of the actual cost of the product and of profitability, conveniently integrated with the solutions for:

  • Management of sales agents and their commission.
  • Management of supplies and stocks in customer warehouses (Vendor-Managed Inventory).

The new system interfaces with:

  • WMS: system for warehouse handling and management.
  • MES: manufacturing management system.

Results achieved
The digital transformation, which has seen Exprivia as a player and strategic partner for Master Italy, involved:

  • the development of a digital infrastructure capable of minimising waste and errors
  • the implementation of a structure with adaptable and modular services.

The project has led to the creation of a monitoring system for integrated company processes.
An extremely digital and modern solution that ensures rapid and accurate data.