In 2018 the European Commission, through the H2020 programme, launched a call with the aim of gathering specific specialist expertise, organising and co-funding four pilot projects aimed at bringing together and sharing inter-sector knowledge in order to develop a common European Cyber Security strategy.

ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) is part of the four pilot projects. Formally launched on 1 February 2019, it aims to develop an organised and coordinated approach for the strengthening of the European Union’s Cyber Defence through the creation of a European network of Cybersecurity competence centres, contributing to the business strategy in this regard.

The ECHO project has 30 partners, including businesses, academies and universities from 15 EU member states. dell’UE.

Since its launch, the European Commission has shown great interest in the goals and results of ECHO, and a direct and open desire to directly participate in its various phases of development and in achieving its results. To this end, the Commission has launched and pursues an important information campaign and also carries out a centralised coordination role with regard to the sharing of goals and results.

The project goals to which Exprivia is contributing are as follows:

Objective 1: Creation of a Network of Cybersecurity research and competence centres coordinated via a Central Competence Hub. The Network will be aligned with the work of the main dedicated European agencies and bodies with the aim of expanding participation in the project and the partner base, including the creation of synergies with the partners of the other 3 projects funded together with ECHO.

Objective 2: Creation of an ECHO Network Governance model, specifically set up to ensure the optimum management of the competence centres.

Objective 3: Creation of an ECHO Multi-sector Assessment Framework aimed at providing the tools to analyse transversal and inter-sector challenges and opportunities and to support the development of Cybersecurity Technology Roadmaps.

Objective 4: Analysis and development of the ECHO Cybersecurity Technology Roadmaps, resulting from the application of the Multi-sector Assessment Framework to sector-specific and inter-sector challenges, and challenges transversal to the Cybersecurity sectors.

Objective 5: Development of an effective and efficient certification model, the ECHO Cybersecurity Certification Scheme, in line with the current efforts of ENISA to establish an EU Cybersecurity certification scheme that address sector-specific and inter-sector issues. 

Objective 6: development of an active ECHO Early Warning System which enables partners to share data on incidents and other relevant Cybersecurity data with accredited partners in the ECHO network.

Objective 7: creation of an active ECHO Federated Cyber Range which:

  • provides a realistic environment for practical training;
  • makes it possible to carry out innovative trials and exercises, research and prototype tests;
  • makes it possible to perform Cybersecurity certification tests.

Download Echo White Paper #1: The COVID-19 Hackers Mind-set

For more information:

Project co-funded by the European Union
HORIZON 2020 Programme - H2020-EU.2.1.1.
H2020 call and topic: SU-ICT-03-2018
Project Number: 830943