FINDUSTRY4.0 - Future Internet for Industry 4.0


Research activities focused on the study and definition of a prototype that aims to build an ecosystem of ICT services based on an Open Digital Platform for Industry 4.0.

Use of innovative technologies to support the maintenance activities of complex systems and equipment.



The FINDUSTRY4.0 project is part of the application sector of Smart manufacturing. It aims to create a service platform based on the principles and technologies of the internet of the future, to construct innovative solutions and applications for industry and production systems, seeking to provide some concrete implementations for issues such as predictive maintenance, monitoring and quality management of production and products and components, maintenance support with augmented reality and virtual reality techniques, and support to internal logistics, etc.

FINDUSTRY4.0 offers solutions for digital innovation in Italian industry, which will essentially consist of three components: (1) methodologies, services and ICT solutions for industry 4.0, (2) knowledge and (3) innovation. The solutions, therefore, seek to achieve four main objectives:

  • continue the evolution and industrialization of the FIWAREforIndustry platform, enriching it with new features (e.g. construction of new modes of Human-Machine-Interaction or specific services for Industrial Analytics);
  • study and development of innovative technologies to support, facilitate or increase the efficiency of factory processes, such as IoT devices for data collection from the field, virtual and augmented reality to support activities such as maintenance or work in production lines, industrial analytics, and innovative Human-Machine Interfaces, etc.;
  • use of the above technologies to develop innovative applications in the most important areas of Industry 4.0 such as production optimisation, product quality assessment, predictive maintenance, maintenance support, and blue-collar worker support;
  • field-test the solutions in champion industrial plants (identified and made available by our partner COMAU), with a significant impact on the local area and on SMEs;
  • develop the IT platform of innovation and cooperation fundamental to the Digital Innovation Hubs of the National Plan.

Exprivia considers the interaction between production and maintenance and modern maintenance engineering to be increasingly important. This includes how to design maintenance activities and control their efficiency and effectiveness, how to improve them, how to solve any problems of internal competence of the workers and how and when to delegate.

In particular, service and maintenance processes will benefit from the latest technological innovations:

  • the definition and implementation of innovative models, algorithms and components for the management of information related to the description and life cycle of products (PDM/PLM), e.g. for contextualised intelligent searching of information assets, for the automation of negotiations along the production chain through the management of transactions through smart contracts.
  • the definition and implementation of innovative algorithms and components based on augmented reality (AR) and/or virtual reality (VR) for carrying out multiple tasks during the production stages, such as digital product validation, maintenance support, and internal logistics, etc.
  • the definition and implementation of models, algorithms and innovative components of Human-Machine Interaction, to build new paradigms of (big) data visualisation, based on the principle of self-service and visualization-as-a-service, and to enable new modes of interaction, such as the use of wearable devices or new forms of 'dialogue' between operators and chatbot-based systems.


National Operational Programme for Enterprise and Competitiveness 2014-2020 ERDF - AXIS 1 - OT1 Investment priority 1b - Action 1.1.3 

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