EUMETSAT awards Exprivia Group the contract for the ground segment of the european satellite mission Sentinel-6

Mission data useful for monitoring sea levels and climate change

The Exprivia Group implements the processing system of the Sentinel-6 satellite, the altimetry mission of the European program Copernicus. As leader of a group of European companies, the Exprivia Group specialised in systems and applications for the aerospace sector, won the international tender called by the intergovernmental agency EUMETSAT for the delivery of the Payload Data Acquisition and Processing System of the two satellites Sentinel-6/Jason-CS. The first of the two satellites will be put into orbit by the end of 2020.

The contract has an economic value of 5 million euros over three years and will cover the design, development and delivery of the information system that will provide the users with data of the two satellites.


Data transmitted by satellites will be acquired and analysed for accurate measurements of the ocean surface height on a global scale, providing useful information to model ocean waters circulation and to improve weather forecasts and contributing essentially to climate monitoring and climate change prediction.