Dante Altomare

Vice President & Head of MIU Public Sector

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Scarica Bio

Dante Altomare, born in Molfetta (BA) in 1954, has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Turin Politecnico.

He began his career as a computer analyst in 1980 at Olivetti. In 1985 he was head of Data Management at Software Sistemi Spa (Olivetti Group) where he looked after transaction systems development for banking and mass retail.

For the Tecnopolis CSATA Science and Technology Park in Valenzano (BA), he has helmed the Services Centres for businesses in Puglia and Basilicata since 1990 as part of the EU technology transfer programmes for SMEs and local public administration.

He joined Exprivia in 2001 and is currently manager of the Market Innovation Unit Public Sector.

He is executive vice president of Exprivia and he has been a board member of Bari Politecnico since 2014.