Giovanni Sebastiano

Head of Strategy, Communication & Investor Relations

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Scarica Bio

With an honours degree in Computer Science, he has worked on the development and implementation of company organisational models and systems.

In 1989, he became Quality Assurance manager at Gruppo Formula. In 1998, he was head of the Organisation and Control department of the business unit for international activities.

In 2000, he was appointed Financial Director and was one of the founding partners of Cezanne Software, a multinational group that develops Human Resources& Talent Management software solutions.

In 2011, he was General Manager of Links Management and Technology Spa, a company that develops IT solutions for the banking, public administration and business world.

Since May 2012, he became Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relator for Gruppo Exprivia.

Since April 2017, he took the role of head of Strategy, Communication and Investor Relator for Exprivia.


Since 2002, he lectured in Business Management and Economics at Bari Politecnico, taught at post-graduate training schools, and was CEO of Spegea, a corporate academy of Gruppo Exprivia.


Founder and chairman of the Distretto Produttivo dell’Informatica Pugliese (Puglia IT Production District), he is also a member of the Nanotechnologies board of governors for the technological district.