Consip SGI Framework Agreement: Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare

Integrated Management Systems to implement the Digital Agenda of the National Health Service authorities

The Consip SGI-Integrated Management Systems Framework Contract is for the Administrations of the National Health Service o carry out the interventions provided for by the Code for Digital Administration and to implement the Digital Agenda of the National Health Service authorities.

This digital transformation is achieved through:

  • Re-engineering and standardisation of administrative procedures
  • Digitalising and dematerialising processes
  • Reducing regulatory compliance times
  • Unified management of data, IT events and documents
  • Definition of functional models that provide multi-channel access

Some information and technical characteristics

The group of contractor companies comprises: Enterprise Services Italia Srl( agent, Exprivia SpA, KPMG Advisory SpA, Dedagroup SpA, Data Management PA SpA and Siav SpA (principals).

The services covered by the contract are:

  • Software Development;
  • Management, Maintenance and Support;
  • Organisational Support.

The duration of the framework contract is 18 months (starting from the signing date of 8 November 2017), with an option to extend up to a maximum of a further six months. During this time, the Administrations concerned can sign an Executive Contract for specific needs, for a maximum of 48 months.

The services can be provided within the following groups:

  • Lot 4: NHS authorities in the regions of Piedmont, Val d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige, Emilia Romagna;
  • Lot 5: NHS authorities in the regions of Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia, Sicily.

Exprivia's contribution

Exprivia's expertise and experience cover both functional areas: Management Information Systems and Administrative Process Management Systems.

The Management Information Systems, owned by the Administration, support the provision of services associated with specific internal processes and functions. Exprivia works in functional areas, such as:

  1. Administration, finance and control: budget planning and management control, accounting and assets management, financial and tax management, budget, passive cycle and active cycle;
  2. Purchasing: needs identification and planning, request and order cycle management, contract and supplier management and monitoring, purchasing procedures;
  3. Human resources: complete staff management, wages and salaries, and staff policies;
  4. Assets: asset and property management, facility and space management;
  5. Logistics: reception of goods and services, warehouse management, distribution;
  6. Project and order management: coordination and project management, order management and reporting, quality and risk management;
  7. Single Booking Centre, Admissions, Emergency Department: administrative management of the patient admission process: agenda planning, booking of services, administrative admissions, billing and collection, and reporting

The Administrative Procedures Management Systems manage the entire life cycle of a document within the Public Administrations. Exprivia works in the following functional areas:

  1. IT protocol: recording, filing and sharing of incoming and outgoing documents;
  2. Document management: document life-cycle management, automation of archiving, classification, distribution, collation and search processes;
  3. Workflow automation: process automation and management, tracing of operations and documents (such as, for example, those constituting 'electronic medical records'), management and updating of the document engine;
  4. Management of document flows, such as, for example, resolutions/determinations, dematerialisation of procedures, Electronic Health Records.

How to join

To join, you need to complete four steps:

  1. Draft and send the requirements plan to the supplier;
  2. The Supplier's preparation of the executive project;
  3. The administration's approval of the executive project;
  4. Conclusion of the executive contract.

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