Reception, processing and dissemination of satellite images with Ground Segments

Ground Segments: systems for reception, processing and dissemination of satellite images
Exprivia contributed to Ground Segments of Sentinel-1/2/3/6, ADM Aeolus, GOCE, Cryosat-2 and EarthCARE
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Exprivia core business is, since 1979, the design and development of Ground Segments for Earth Observation (EO) satellites. Ground Segments are the complex systems that allow reception, processing and dissemination of data coming from satellites that acquire images of the Earth surface.

Over the years Exprivia has delivered its systems in more than 20 countries in the world.

Exprivia Ground Segments are always at the leading edge of Space technology, featuring:

  • Direct ingestion of satellite data downlinked through X-Band link
  • SW-based synchronisation of data frames
  • Standard products’ generation, from L0 to L2
  • Web-based Order Handling via advanced Graphical User Interface
  • Long-Term Data archiving and cataloguing for future data retrieval.

Exprivia has participated to the development of Ground Segments for the following ESA missions: Copernicus Sentinel-1, 2 and 3, ADM Aeolus, GOCE, Cryosat-2, EarthCARE.

For ASI Exprivia contributes to the Ground Segments of Cosmo-SkyMed (1st and 2nd generation) and of PRISMA.

In order to fulfil particular requests from specific customers, Exprivia has developed a multi-mission Compact Station that can be configured to accommodate modules for one or more of the above mentioned missions or for other missions (optical or SAR).

Beyond design, development and testing, Exprivia is able to provide Operations and Maintenance of EO Ground Segments. O&M services are provided by a specific, highly specialised team in Exprivia.