MELODIES: Open Data for Research, institutions and industry

A Research project to exploit Open Data in different domains
Creating value from Open Data
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Exprivia participated to the MELODIES project (Maximising the Exploitation of Linked Open Data In Enterprise and Science). This EU FP7 project has developed innovative and sustainable services, based upon Open Data, for users in research, government, industry and the general public in a broad range of societal and environmental benefit areas.
The main objectives of the MELODIES project are:
  • To combine multiple open data streams (including Earth Observation and government data) to develop innovative services in a broad range of societal benefit areas.
  • To apply Linked Data and Semantic Web approaches to enhance the services and enable multiple sources of data to be discovered, interpreted and cross-referenced, thereby generating new knowledge;
  • To ensure that the services are sustainable beyond the lifetime of the project by considering cost-effectiveness, improving data quality and maximizing their user base;
  • To deliver reusable technology, building upon previous e-Infrastructure investments, that facilitates the exploitation of open data by both the MELODIES services and by future services outside of the project;
  • To demonstrate the value of open data and stimulate the release of more open data by data providers.

In the MELODIES project Exprivia, in collaboration with INGV, developed a service that supports an assessment of Good Environmental Status (GES) as required by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive for the European Seas, to be implemented by Member States.

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