Virtual Reality and 3D: Space solutions and technologies

Technologies and applications for Augmented Reality and 3D
Exprivia develops Augmented Reality and 3D solutions for training and Aerospace Research
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Exprivia owns 20 years of experience in the development of:

  • 3D Realtime applications
  • Virtual Theatres and large screens for stereoscopic view
  • 3D mobile applications

Exprivia solutions have the capability to:

  • Manage huge amount of data - scientific dataset
  • Import CAD CAM mechanical models into realtime environments
  • Simulate scientific data evolution

Exprivia Proprietary 3D graphic engine offers:

  • Wide applicability, from very large stereoscopic screens to mobile devices
  • Scientific datasets support (HDF, geotiff, volumetric data, …)
  • Support of temporal series
  • Astronomical library, satellite propagator, multiresolution dataset

Exprivia developed for ESA (European Space Agency) several Virtual Theatres and a Virtual Reality Environment Studio featuring advanced presentation capabilities, stereographic view, 3D editing system, integration, co-registration and display of 2D-3D data. For further details see

Exprivia is active in the development of 3D mobile applications both in iOS and Android environment. The 3D realtime engine is derived from desktop version and features streaming of multimedia contents and cloud integration. The geographical tracking allows to implement Augmented Reality applications. Exprivia 3D mobile systems can also be used as remote terminals for Monitor & Control Systems (satellite control centres, industrial plants monitoring, tele-medicine).

Exprivia has recently developed a multi-platform collaborative 3D environment that can be used to share the same 3D environment among several users. Possible application encompass education, training, satellite mission simulation, entertainment.