Customer Data Hub solutions

Today’s companies operate in a setting that is digital, globalized and interconnected but also extremely complex, because there is a huge volume of fragmented information and the decision-making processes are often intricate.

Customer Data Hub
Exprivia enables the creation of predictive Business Intelligence models that, thanks to Big Data technologies, are able to understand and anticipate the changing needs of consumers and the market.
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The advantages of the offer

Exprivia uses Customer Data Hub solutions to offer the customer the tools necessary to acquire, process and manage heterogeneous information from multiple sources to:

  • univocally recognise customers and prospects on all touchpoints;
  • increase the redemption rate with greater knowledge of the client, their interests and expectations;
  • create the enabling conditions to implement predictive analysis models;
  • reduce redundancy, improving the quality and reliability of customer information;
  • correlate customer information with information inside and outside the organisation.

Exprivia offers a set of high-quality solutions that enable the company’s information to be accessed and integrated securely, maximizing its value for analyses and enabling forecasting models.
Exprivia’s competence and experience in information optimization projects and data management find confirmation in its three years of operation on the national and international IT markets, which have enabled it to become a reference partner for companies in the development of business intelligence solutions.

Customer Data Hub: the solutions

Master Data Management
The solution maximizes the business value of the company’s information through a modular end-to-end architecture that offers a unified vision of all the master data.

The MDM solution:

  • helps to create reliable information and manage it continuously to ensure precision, improving the productivity of its business users;
  • increases commercial opportunities through up-sell and cross-sell initiatives; 
  • improves regulatory compliance processes.

Data Quality
The solution helps to increase the company value by ensuring that all the main processes and initiatives are powered by relevant, timely and reliable data.
The solution enables users to:

  • provide all the projects and initiatives with correct and reliable data to meet business targets through a tool that can be used directly by the business;
  • design their own business rules and apply them everywhere, both in the on-premise system and in the cloud.

Data Lake
The solution accelerates business decisions through the innovation of analytics projects and taking advantage of centralized and managed data sources.
The Data Lake solution can be used to:

  • transform the raw Big Data into a set of data suitable for to be used by Business Analysts;
  • move from the classic data organization in silos to catalogued and immediately attributable cross-section data that allows Business Analysts to have a broad view of their information;
  • design their business rules and apply them everywhere, both on-premise and in the cloud.