The roll out of Fameccanica in China, USA and Brazil

The introduction of the SAP/ERP platform by Exprivia
Improvement of processes and business activities
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Fameccanica is the world leader in the design and construction of industrial lines for disposable healthcare products (feminine hygiene products, nappies and incontinence pads, drawsheets and other absorbent products, etc.) with, as a secondary business, the production of spare parts for industry and the supply of kits.

Upon request, it designs and produces standard and special machines both for the disposable product sector and for non-core sectors, such as light logistics and the packaging of laundry&cleaning, tissue converting and labelling products.

The Fameccanica group is made up of four companies with production sites in Italy, China, Brazil and North America.

Constantly committed to the search for new solutions and the organization of work and management processes, Fameccanica is a continually expanding company that has found in Exprivia the ideal partner for its innovation digital conversion projects directed towards the Industry 4.0 objective.


In 2011, the Fameccanica management decided to equip its production department with a new information system based on the SAP ECC 6.0 software to be used for the Italian parent company Fameccanica Data SpA and for the three overseas controlled companies: Fameccanica North America in Cincinnati (FNA), Fameccanica Machinery in Shanghai (FMS) and Fameccanica do Brasil in San Paulo (FDB).


The aim of the system requirements established with Exprivia on Industry 4.0-based logic was to manage the localized overseas plants through a centralized operating system, and then implement subsequent roll out projects on the other companies in the Group. It is also very important to guarantee integration between the processes, by optimizing the communication flow, to increase efficiency by reducing the activities with a low added value, to sustain the introduction of homogeneous operating procedures, safeguarding the peculiar features of business, and to set up a single, solid and flexible application and infrastructural platform open to future extensions.

Results obtained

The introduction of the SAP/ERP platform by Exprivia has brought improvements both in the process and in digital functions.

Improvement in the processes and business activities.
These improvements can be quantified as greater productivity and efficiency in key processes, greater cost control and analysis possibilities, greater ease in the consolidation of data on a group level and introduction of homogeneous operating procedures between the companies, respecting the peculiar features of each individual production and marketing area.

Increase in digitization
The advantage in the strictly technical area consists of the extension to overseas companies of a single flexible application/infrastructural platform open to developments, a drastic reduction in the number of applications and external interfaces, the management of the localized overseas plants starting from a single reference kernel. Another significant aspect is the marked organizational orientation towards the digital evolution and the growth, within Fameccanica, of the process know-how with its parameterization and installation logic.