Offering competence

The Exprivia offer for Energy&Utilities is vast and diversified and supports, with innovative solutions, the processes of companies...

Energy for growth
Competing at the top level with digital support in the entire energy chain, from production to sale.
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Exprivia’s knowledge supports all purchasing, distribution and marketing activities in the energy sector. A solid experience in the field of fossil-derived resources has enabled the company to develop process governance systems that are currently applicable to the entire sector, with a particular focus on renewable energy and widespread parcelled sources.

In-house logistics and supplies
The various solutions are integrated by interactive reporting environments created with Business Intelligence tools. 

Contract Management
Energy transport processes are supported by SAP and open-source solutions, with a new configuration that also entails purchasing from distributed sources. The design and development of incoming logistics chain performance monitoring solutions and the assessment of KPIs support the supply chain processes. The development of e-procurement scenarios through the implementation of marketplaces and sales portal carrier suppliers for integration with strategic suppliers and a reduction in purchasing times and costs complete the offer. 

Operational processes
The operational processes are supported through the design and implementation of ERP solutions in support of the Exploration & Production activities based on the my SAP ERP platform and IS-OIL verticalization; the development of custom software in support of the core business processes; the integration of legacy systems with the SAP platform; Business Process Integration (B2B applications); the design and development of business intelligence solutions for performance measurement and performance management. The partnership with Siemens on SIMATIC IT for the implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems is the last and fundamental link in the support chain. 

Marketing and sales
The sales network can use the development of systems that support the bill issuing processes, implementation of the IS-OIL solution for the management of the network for the distribution of fuels and lubricants, design and implementation of specific enhancements for the management of processes not covered by the SAP standard (e.g. loyalty points cards), integration with point of sale legacy systems. In addition, the support includes the design and development of analytics applications for the programming and control of network and extra-network sales (performance monitoring of sales by the distribution channel, geographical area and product), reporting for network monitoring and point of sales profiling, development of CRM scenarios of Sales Force Automation and Campaign Management for the network. 

Administration and finance, planning and control
Administration, finance and control solutions involve the end users, experts in the processes of the area, the design and implementation of the accounting model and control model, ERP solutions based on the SAP platform (IS-OIL vertical and IS-U), analytical dashboards for monitoring company performance, executive dashboards for performance management and, finally, the design and development of economic and financial programming and planning scenarios.

Health, safety and environment (HSE)
The health, safety and environment area is covered by solutions for managing Occupational Medicine and Industrial Medicine processes, so as to guarantee fulfilment of the regulatory obligations on health and safety at the workplace. Solutions supporting the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management process are also available. A particularly important solution is the one that manages chemical substances and assesses their risk, which entails classifying the products on sale and purchased through the management of safety data sheets. Another important solution is the one that monitors the fugitive emissions on production plants to ensure compliance with the specific standards. 

For the energy distribution area, Exprivia offers a series of solutions that cover the entire process: tracking of maintenance and related orders, fuel logistics solutions, management of communications with managers, managers' candidature and Retail Oil products, the components of the recommended price currently in force, the commercial and economic logic for controlling and modifying the prices at the points of sale to which the logic is applied. Solutions for the downstream chain include solutions for controlling and modifying the recommended prices (for some points of sale subjected to particular contractual constraints), the monitoring of variations in budget objectives following a cluster variation, and the integrated retail solutions for gas&electricity commodities and extra-commodities. 

Midstream and upstream
The energy production and transportation phases may use the Trading & Shipping claim management solutions, the solutions for the approval life cycle of the exploration and development projects and the vast panorama of solutions for the technical and scientific sector. 

Corporate communication and governance
The company can count on the competence and knowledge of the sector in all the areas that concern its corporate expression: social enterprise networking, management of trademarks and patents, proposals for improving the company's productiveness, legal applications and the automation of anti-corruption processes. The offer also includes Digital Signature Systems for e&p Investment Authorization, Sarbanes-Oxley Act monitoring, subscription and contribution management, systems for protocol management, financial risk certification, documentary solutions supporting corporate governance, visa and passport management, building property management, the document archive, the consolidation of processes with the overseas subsidiaries, the management of equity investments, the appointment process of the companies in the group, and the management of Stock Option and Stock Grant plans.  

Cross competence
Exprivia has integrated in its offer system a series of cross industry ICT services of particular interest due to their multifunctionality and flexibility, which can be divided into: basic infrastructure services (network operating systems and database management); services for SAP system management; application services for upgrading the SAP release; SAP user profiling and maintenance; Abap Factory and EAI Factory service; assessment of SAP R/3 and BW systems using proprietary investigational tools; design, development and maintenance of portals and innovative web and documentary solutions in the JEE, .NET, Filenet, Sharepoint and mobile environments.