Authorities and businesses, the new reality provided "as a service"

The cloud computing markets are vast and concern nerve centres of the economy, as they represent the preferable solution for public authorities, health authorities and businesses. The cloud ensures high stability, scalability of the services and greater security in the protection of data and processes.

Three methods of providing the service
Via the web, the user can access the network resources, memory, processes, services and applications, which can be requested, supplied and released rapidly with minimal management effort and secure interaction with the supplier.
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Exprivia provides in cloud mode the IT infrastructure services, the digital platforms for providing services to the public and businesses, the software interoperability services for data and applicational cooperation.

Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas)
Service provision in accordance with the Iaas module ensures access to infrastructure with computational capacity, memory and network resources, in theory with no limits, but still scalable according to your needs and with a previously unknown speed of preparation of the resources required. 

Platform As A Service (Paas)
Access is given to high-level programming resources and IT services with high QoS standards through a simple API (Application Programming Interface).

Software As A Service (Saas)
Saas represents the most economical and functional access to IT resources. The business can use richer and more complex software applications, accessing it via simple web interfaces. User profiling, access identification and intrinsic security services overcome the complexity of the world of software and enable you to concentrate on your business.