Innovation and sentiment.

A smooth transition
The digitized radiology, cardiology and diagnostic imaging system extended to all caregiving facilities integrated with the RIS/CIS systems and the LHA’s Information System
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The case of the LHA of Asti represents another delicate and potentially critical process: the transition from one system to another in an organization whose service must never be interrupted.

The LHA of Asti comprises two hospitals and two clinics. In 2009, the LHA issued a call for tenders for a digitized radiology, cardiology and diagnostic imaging system extended to all caregiving facilities, integrated with the RIS/CIS systems and the LHA’s Information System.

Exprivia takes part in the tender with its PACS solution: since 2011 the LHA of Asti - Exprivia partnership has been consolidated to our mutual satisfaction.

Tendering towards efficiency
The tender specifications set several tough objectives:

  • To reduce the booking and report delivery times;
  • To ensure full process traceability;
  • To integrate the RIS/CIS PACS system with the pre-existing system;
  • To guarantee business continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Exprivia responded to the needs of the healthcare facility by adding a series of distinctive elements and improvements based on its e4cure suite, fully integrated with the LHA’s Information System. The PACS system now integrates all diagnostic radiology images and extends the filing system to cardiac imaging and ECGs. Other economies of scale have also been applied through a rationalization of the archives and a consequent reduction of the physical spaces used for storage. By awarding the entire supply to a single company, the LHA of Asti has simplified its relations with the suppliers involved in the entire design. In addition, the use of on-site supervisory staff enables the daily needs to be satisfied in real time, ensuring prompt Exprivia support for highly complex problems.

The e4cure solution
The LHA of Asti currently uses 6 e4cure components dedicated to different application functions: eRIS, for managing the radiology workflow; eVisit, software for reporting and clinical documentation; eArchive, a PACS filing system integrated with the eRIS module; eArchive Delivery, for the delivery of CDs; MedStation, the radiology and cardiology image reporting tool; eCDImport, which is used for importing the patient’s previous test results from any workstation in the facility.

The transition challenge
Due to careful planning, the black out between the shutdown of the old system and the start-up of the new Exprivia system lasted for just two hours. Since then, over 4 years have passed and the Exprivia RIS-CIS-PACS system has supported the LHA of Asti in an extremely efficient way; the ECG path is to be extended to the First Aid department and the cardiology and electrophysiology inpatient departments, integrating it with the wireless technology of the first-aid equipment and patient identification through the use of a wrist strap.