Code of Ethics

This tool identifies the set of values that constitute social ethics, the guiding principles as well as the fundamental directives to which corporate activities and individual behaviour of all those to which the Code applies should conform, as part of their respective competencies and in relation to their role in the company organisation.

The Code applies to management and control bodies, employees, temporary workers, consultants, and third-party recipients that operate within Exprivia, or that, in any case, are associated with Exprivia, so that the ethical principles that guide us are clear, unequivocal, and understandable.

Exprivia identified certain fundamental values to which the recipients of the Code of Ethics must adhere:

  • professional development, employee growth and equal opportunities
  • safeguarding of physical and moral well-being
  • respect for company assets
  • confidentiality and safeguarding of privacy
  • honesty, impartiality and loyalty
  • absence of conflicts of interest
  • clarity and transparency
  • fair competition
  • respect and protection of the environment