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Four competence centres for your company's processes

Administration, Finance and Control
The dynamic nature of the economic scenario in which the companies operate make administrative issues increasingly important for their strategic decisions.
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It becomes fundamentally important to have flexible tools capable of adapting to the changes caused both by external factors (financial markets and regulatory changes) and factors inside the company (asset management, cash flow, key performance indicators, reporting in accordance with the IAS and IFRS international standards).

In addition, in a market situation in which expenditure rationalization and budget reductions are necessary, account controlling represents a decisive driver for monitoring the company's costs and conducting profitability analyses. Exprivia helps its customers to implement and manage SAP solutions that support the administration, finance and control areas of management, enabling them to meet their business needs and optimizing the management of their Finance processes and integration with the Operations areas. The scalability of the solutions (developed on a "best used" basis) and the high level of personalization broaden and extend the standard management processes, satisfying specific requests and reducing implementation times and costs at the same time.

The main sectors in which Exprivia supports its customers are:

  • Accounting: general accounting, customer accounting, supplier accounting, asset accounting, new general ledger, intercompany reconciliations, and preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Management control: accounting by the Cost Centre and Profit Centre, profitability analysis and product cost
  • Treasury: payments/collections, "home banking" interfaces, electronic bank statement management, operations with effects and SEPA area payments
  • Cash Management: cash flow monitoring, forecast analysis and liquidity forecasts
  • Advanced finance: short/medium-term financial operation management (Money Market), Foreign Exchange, derivatives and securities portfolio
  • Fund management: financial accounting, budget breakdown into Responsibility centres, and analyses
  • Estimate/balance
  • Operational reporting: annual financial statements, VAT declarations, Daybook, Black list and Wealth measuring tool