No hardware, no limits

It doesn't have the limits, costs, bulk, and management responsibility of the hardware: this is the strength of cloud computing, an efficient, flexible and economic model that has totally revolutionized the methods of purchasing, implementing and providing IT services.

A stroll in the clouds
Through the web, the user can access the network resources, memory, processes, services and applications, which can be requested rapidly, supplied and released with a minimal management effort and secure interaction with the supplier.
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The Exprivia cloud services are based on four fundamental models.

Public Cloud
The Public Cloud is characterized by computing power, memory and application services according to individual needs with scalable solutions adaptable to small, medium-sized and large businesses.

Private Cloud
Creating a Private Cloud means providing the range of services, solutions and computational capacity functional to a large organization, distributed across the area and under continuous evolution, on a single platform.

Hybrid Cloud
The third model is a mix of Public and Private Clouds to give the organization greater dynamism, overcoming the limits through the open cloud potential and minimizing the loss of the guarantee of absolute security that only the physically isolated cloud offers.

Community Cloud
With the Community Cloud, the business shares IT platforms with other nearby organizations to strengthen the scope and common model for the provision of services and the development of new service classes.