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Visual Analytics

For an Italian association of leasing companies, a statistical dashboard was created with key performance indicators (KPIs) that provides members with interactive graphics. The dashboard is based on a Big Data search engine (ClouderaSearch) to guarantee fast analyses of sets of data that depend on the analyst (in which case, the data cannot be calculated in advance). The use of a search engine (and not a standard DB) significantly speeds up the entire process so as to create a Data Lake in order to centralize and analyse as much information as possible and create new services for the members.

The Exprivia solution
The architecture designed by Exprivia fully meets these requirements and enables the association to play the role of a leader in the world of leasing. The possibility of collecting and cross analysing the data offers experts a "knowledge discovery" environment that is enriched day by day, thus becoming increasingly useful and stimulating for elaborating and suggesting product, company and sector strategies.

Competitive Intelligence

For an Italian company operating in the field of drilling and assemblies and belonging to the largest Italian group in the oil sector, the business needs concern a tool capable of collecting and analysing information on the contracts assigned. There is plenty of heterogeneous data: economic volumes, competitors, places, standards requested, etc.

The Exprivia solution
Exprivia created a platform based on Big Knowledge Artificial Intelligence to search a series of profiled sites for information on tenders. Entities and attributes are extrapolated from these sources for a quantitative/qualitative analysis of the information.

Items of information useful for analysis (contractor, price, type of construction, duration of contract, etc.) are structured in a traditional DB, thus significantly reducing the time required by the analysts to retrieve this information.