The search rules.

A thinking machine is something more than a scientific speculation. Using the new Exprivia tools, you can "instruct" your machine to conduct searches on the basis of conceptual logic.

A thinking machine is something more than a scientific speculation
Faster research and analyses based on conceptual logic.
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The system will feed itself on knowledge, taking increasingly precise, clear and analysable classification and selection rules useful for business purposes from the data at its disposal. The larger the amount of data, the more rapid and accurate the analysis that can be conducted on the basis of the classification will be.

NormaSearch is the proprietary application of Exprivia used to search for regulatory updates, due to its ability to:

  • direct the machine in its autonomous searches once trained;
  • classify the web pages found using a conceptual taxonomy, predefined or derivable through a training process;
  • break down and structure the search through linguistic and conceptual analysis of the contents, using the BigKnowledge semantic interpretation technology.

NormaSearch works
The operation of the application is simple and user-friendly:

  • the general regulatory framework is inserted in the product, indicating its sources;
  • the product starts by conducting a semantic analysis of the regulations, identifying the key concepts and thus creating a search model and classifying the new documents, which will be selected and taxonomized according to their relevance with the concepts laid down by the original regulations;
  • the information is searched for and classified incrementally, supporting the analyst with a continual exploration of new regulations, guaranteeing the search on a number of sites and news at a much faster speed than with a traditional approach.

The procedure therefore allows searches and analyses to be structured on the basis of conceptual logic, making the processes faster and more complete.