The intelligent analysis of signs.

BigKnowledge is an Exprivia proprietary technology that analyses information with linguistic and conceptual methods based on BigData architecture.

Acquire information from open sources
To analyse contents and behaviour.
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BigKnowledge analyses both structured and unstructured data, using advanced semantic analysis and machine learning techniques. BigKnowledge is artificial intelligence in its immediate applications: ability to analyse contents and behaviour, correlate different sources, draw interrelations from apparently heterogeneous contents, making them analysable and therefore useful for their corporate purpose.

BigKnowledge is used to:

  • retrieve and automatically analyse information from open sources (Open Source Intelligence – OSINT);
  • query and classify the semantics of the text contents;
  • correlate heterogeneous sources on the basis of their contents;
  • profile entities (persons, companies, etc.) on the basis of behaviour (analysis of logs) and/or information taken from them (mail, web sites, etc.);
  • georeference unstructured information.