Digital Marketing. A platform for increasing the Gas & Electricity business.

Total marketing objective
Fifteen million customers, one portal only.
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The company operates in the distribution and sale of the Gas & Electricity commodities.

The customer expressed the need for a new Gas&Electricity retail portal conforming to a new digital evolution strategy aimed at winning customer loyalty and broadening the customer base through direct campaigns towards a prospect base of 15 million customers (the overall customer base in Italy amounts to about 20 million). 

The Exprivia solution
The solution currently represents the central tool of the new digital marketing strategy and supports lead management mechanisms, integrations with social networks, monitoring tools, segmentations and caring aimed at reaching commercial objectives. 

Benefits obtained
The new portal enables optimization of the digital channels, increased digital experience & sharing, and direct support for the customer in the purchasing/subscription phase. Other important features include optimization of the sales modules and process, tracing of the customer behaviour to enrich the user profile, checking of the efficacy of marketing campaigns and funnel conversion.