Digital customer care and loyalty

Communicating, selling and winning customer loyalty
Competing at the top level with digital support in the entire energy chain, from production to sale.
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The company offer in the free energy market is broken down into three macrosectors: Electricity, Gas and Dual Fuel (a single supply contract for power and gas). Exprivia has been the protagonist of some important evolutions in the web portal and the launch of a new mobile application through which the company has significantly improved its relations with users.

The customer asked for an application for Apple/Android mobile devices to provide the most useful services for customers also from portable devices and thus fill a gap with respect to competitors already in possession of these systems.

The project gave users the possibility of managing their supplies in mobile mode, to pay their bills more easily, have an overview of the nearest points of sale. Another commercial objective was to present the company's Power and Gas offers and the advantages of the loyalty programme.  

A solution was also to be found to overcome some critical problems associated with the importance of the rating exhibited in the digital stores, managing negative comments, winning back the trust of users that had encountered problems with their supply. 

The initial operating conditions involved taking charge of a system started by another company and never concluded, with an evident need to make major changes to it. 

Benefits and results obtained
The spread and use of the app filled the technological gap with respect to the company’s competitors, provided efficient access to the mobile services for the company's residential customers and, at the same time, enriched the customer base with younger customers closer in culture to the use of digital tools.