Gamification for the large-scale retail trade

Gamification for the large-scale retail trade
A relationship between brands, distribution and consumers.
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When involved and enjoying themselves, users are more likely to be loyal, give information and minimize problems.

T-Frutta, business for fun
The T-Frutta app is based on the need to put the large-scale retail trade in direct contact with the consumer and open new business prospects at the same time.

Through a payoff that openly declares the sense of the operation (“The indications on your receipt have a value"), T-Frutta provides end users with a service (expressed in advantages on the purchase of their favourite products) and, at the same time, collects precious information for partner companies such as Barilla, Ferrero, Heineken, Kraft, Lavazza, L'Oreal, Pampers, PostePay and Unilever, for the development of projects in customer areas with an extremely precise profile.

The architecture designed by Exprivia, based on Cloudera and Big Data Analytics, is designed for a mobile application easy to use for the consumer and extremely agile in collecting and analysing large volumes of data so as to provide the partners with profiles of purchasers at whom business projects should be targeted.