Exprivia and SAP. Systems, Applications and Products for governing processes

Governing processes strategically: the key of business

Excellent performance in company processes for the entire value chain
Increasingly simplified, quick and interlinked processes.
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The twenty-year strategic partnership with SAP has made Exprivia one of the leading companies in the design, development and integration of software solutions and innovative services.

Exprivia rationalizes and reaches excellent levels of performance in the company processes of its customers, by modifying the entire value chain: from analysis to consulting, implementation, the Application and System Management services, also using proprietary, vertical solutions. The strategic relationship between the processes (increasingly simplified, quick and interlinked) and the in-depth knowledge of specific business features enables Exprivia to offer a tool for increasing the company's prospects of success.

Exprivia and SAP, the total business

The SAP world is evolving continuously and Exprivia adapts the innovative SAP solutions to the most diverse company profiles, ensuring a complete improvement in the following areas:

  • Administration, Finance and Control
  • Operation & Logistics
  • Technology & Integration
  • Business Analytics
  • Database & Technology
  • Human Capital Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Security