Cisco is a global leader in technologies that transform how people connect, communicate and collaborate through intelligent networks and architectures that integrate products, services and software platforms. The company, founded in 1984, is based in San Jose, California; has always led the evolution of network technologies thanks to the ability to identify and anticipate market scenarios and transitions, developing innovative solutions thanks to constant investment in R&D and highly qualified personnel; a choice supported by a complex acquisition policy and continuous dialogue with customers and its global ecosystem of partners. Cisco today accompanies businesses, governments and people in the new scenario of the Internet of Everything: the connections between people, processes, data and objects open up unexplored possibilities of innovation and transformation in every sector, in education, in dealing with economic and social challenges and environmental. In Italy since 1994, Cisco has actively participated in the development of the country, valorised Italian talents and excellence, actively supported the implementation of the Digital Agenda by promoting infrastructural development, diffusion of digital culture and access to the Internet.